Program Details

The Lifesaver Volunteer Program was created to allow passionate members of the public to help make a difference with us. With your help, we can reach even more children in affected areas, reduce 2 million childhood deaths and provide life-saving hygiene education where it's needed most.

The Schools

We have created a program called The "School of 5" designed around the 5 key hand washing occasions. By incorporating fun activities such as comics, songs, games, and a cast of superhero characters that each represent a specific hand washing occasion where, the lessons learnt are both long lasting and effective.

4-Week Program

4-Week Program

You can volunteer for 4 hours a week for a 4-week period in a school near you. You will teach the "School of 5" program to a group of approximately 40 children.

What is expected from you

We would need your commitment to be able to spend 4 hours a day, once a week, for 4 consecutive weeks. In order for the program to successfully create behavior change, it has to be done for 4 consecutive weeks.

You will also need to go through our simple & fun online training to gain enough understanding about the School of 5 program and attend one of our orientation sessions before you start volunteering

School of 5
In some areas, we have partnered with local schools to conduct the lessons as part of the children's curriculum. In those situations, you will join their teachers in conducting these sessions. In other cases, you may work independently to conduct lessons according to the "School of 5" curriculum.
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